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Thursday, 14 May 2009 00:50


Antiship cruise missile 3M-70 "Vulcan"



           Development of the missile "Vulcan" was launched by Experimental Design Bureau-52, according to Resolution from May, 15, 1979. Missile "Vulcan" became a further development of missile "Basalt" and presumably has the same firing range and maximum speed. The missile weight was increased by 1-2 tons. The missile has a turbojet engine and a starting powder accelerator. High-altitude flight regimes missiles are presumably the same as that of P-500.

            Flight-design tests of the "Vulcan" began in July, 1982 with ground tests. The first launch of the "Vulcan" with the submarine 675MKV was held on December, 22, 1983.

On December, 18, 1987 the set "Vulcan" was put into service.


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