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Wednesday, 08 July 2009 23:29
- In 1936 the serial production of aircraft UT-1 was started.
- In 1938-1940 production of aircraft UT-2 is serially held (the total sum 500 items; 2 aircrafts per day).
- In 1944, serial production of aircraft SCHE-2 was settled.
- In 1946, the production of a sports glider A-2 and assault glider CE-25 was developed.
- In 1948, the production of PO-2 aircraft was expanded to ambulance and passenger versions.
- In 1951, the production of glider YAK-14 was settled.
- In 1953, the production of IL-10M was being prepared. Civil Stroitrest was organised. An assignment for preparing the production of Tu-104 (TU-16 military version) was received.
- 1954-1958 - Production of helicopter MI-1. The total amount was 597 items. During the same years the plant was producing shipborne aircraft - missiles "Strela" and medium-range missiles 8K11.
 - In 1957 - group of factory workers were awarded state awards for achieving  1955-1956 goals.
- 1960 - the transition to rocket technology production. Development and production of IRBM 8K63 is carried out. Aircrafts La-17 are serially produced.
- Decree of the USSR PVA from June, 17, 1961 Aviation Plant № 47 was awarded the Order of Red Banner of Labor (for successful accomplishment of Government duties concerning
 special equipment development).
- In 1962-1963 for the successful fulfillment of the Government to establish a special technique Orenburg Machine-Building Plant was awarded the passing Red Banner of Orenburg and South Urals Economic Councils, the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR and All-Union Central Council of Trade-Unions, the Sotsprof (Russian Trade Unions Association).
- In 1964, production of intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) 8K84 begins.
- In 1967, in honour to the 50th anniversary of Soviet power the plant was presented with the Red banner of the CPSU Central Committee, USSR PVA, Council of Ministers of USSR and All-Union Central Council of Trade-Unions. The Komsomol organization of the plant was awarded the Komsomol Memorable red flag.
- 1968-1969 – production of units for unmanned spacecrafts “Luna”, “Mars”, “Venus”.
- In 1968-1969 100 factory workers were awarded state awards for the successful new equipment development.
- In 1970 the factory team develops a new class of unmanned vehicles for the Navy - the product 4K85.
- In 1971, according to the decree of the USSR PVA from January, 18, 1971 the plant was awarded the Order of Lenin for the successful five-year plan realization and organization of new machinery production.
- Since 1972, production of large series of ICBM 8K84, 15F20, blocks of new missiles UR-100 has become. Production of anti-ship cruise missiles, sea-based "Malachit", "Basalt,"Vulcan", "Granit". The plant is involved in the space complex "Buran"creation.
- 1973-1975 - large group of workers, engineers, and employees were awarded orders and medals, including Order of Lenin for their high performance.
- In 1977, the Assistant Chief Engineer Ventsel V.V. was awarded the title "Laureate of State Prize", lathe operators Gladyshev V.I., Ryzhakov V.G., V.P. Veretnev were awarded the Order of Lenin.
- In 1981-1983 the plant manager Tarakov D.A. was given the Hero of Socialist Labour title for his achievements in special equipment development. Chief engineer Fursov V.I., lathe operator Bersenyev I.G. were awarded Laureate State Prize. A group of factory workers were given state awards.
- In 1984,according to the decree of USSR PVA of December, 26, 1984 the plant was awarded the Order of the October Revolution for contribution to the development, testing, and serial production of special machinery.
- 1991-1993 - production of helicopter KA-226, production of WWII aircrafts retrocopies of YAK-3, YAK-9B by orders of foreign customers.
- In 1998,  according to the Presidential Decree a joint Russian-Indian company “BrahMos" was established. The association became the contractor responsible for cruise missiles creation.
 XXI century
- In 2002, the association was granted the medal “Orenburg trademark, Innovations 2002".
- In 2003,  plate heat exchangers were included in the program "100 best Russian goods " and were awarded the first degree diploma.
- 2003 - serial production of KA-226. Aircrafts-targets "Dan" are manufactured by the state order.
- Seeding machines SZTS 9-2 by PA "Strela" are included in the "List of 100 best Russian goods". Association was awarded a diploma.
- "BrahMos" development stage fully completed and its mass production was launched.
- Association Diploma winner VI of the annual regional competition among businesses and municipalities Leader Economy 2006 "in nomination" The Organization of High Social Efficiency ".
- Association won in the VIIth annual regional competition among businesses and municipalities "Leader of Economy” in the category “High social efficiency organization".
 - 15 - 16 March 2007 held a regional competition of professional skill in the engineering profession "Engineer 2006". 1st Category Engineer Stanislav Malakhov took the second place, the 2nd category engineer - programmer Vladimir Konstantinov took the forth place.
- JSC "PA "Strela" was awarded a diploma for the victory in the First Regional Contest as the best company working with young people.
- In November 2007, II open regional festival of Orenburg region corporate media was held. The newspaper “Mashinostroitel” of JSC "PA "Strela" is among the winners in the category "Best Financial - industrial structure Newspaper ".
- JSC "PA "Strela" was awarded the Diploma for the victory in the V regional competition "Steklianniy shar" in the category "For contribution to the socially responsible business formation”.
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