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In 1925, aircraft repair workshop (RAM-3) was created in the Leningrad military district corps airfield to repair aircraft and engines. June, 1, 1928 RAM -3 was converted into aircraft repair plant № 47. Since then, the date of June, 1, 1928 became the birthday of the plant № 47 - the Orenburg plant engineering predecessor.


In the 30-ies the plant enters into close cooperation with the Construction Department of the Chief Designer A.S. Yakovlev, the development of which (AIR-6, UT-1, UT-2) being the main plant production for several years. Yakovlev A.S. visited the plant repeatedly and contributed to its establishment as a mass enterprise. In autumn of 1937, V.P. Chkalov visited the plant after the legendary flights to the U.S. via the North Pole.


By 1937, the serial production of training aircraft UT-1was fully mastered, and in 1938-1939  over 500 training aircraft  UT-2 were produced. In late July, 1941 due to unfavorable development of the first war months events the emergency evacuation of the plant № 47 into the rear has begun. The first train with the equipment arrived to Orenburg (then Chkalov) from Leningrad on July, 31, 1941, and on  October, 25, 1941 machine shop № 4 started producing its first output for the front.


During the WWII, plant № 47 released aircrafts such as UT-2, UT-2M, headquarters aircraft YAK-6 designed by A.S. Yakovlev and troop-carrier SchE-2 by A.Y. Shcherbakov.


In 1954-1958 the plant serially produced MI-1 helicopter (597 items). Since 1947 the plant has been producing sports gliders AN-1, AN-2 by Antonov, landing gliders CE-25 by P.V. Tsibin, YAK-14 by A.S. Yakovlev, aircraft PO-2 in the hospital and passenger versions by N.N. Polikarpov. The development and production of ground attack bomber IL-10M by Ilyushin is carried out.


In 1957-1958 serial production of unmanned aircraft projectile by A.Y. Bereznyak was successfully developed.


On October, 15, 1961 plant № 47 was renamed into Orenburg Machine-building Plant.


During 1950-80  the plant produced missiles 8K11, ballistic single-stage medium-range missiles 8K63, ocean-spanning ballistic missiles 8K84, 15A20, anti-ship sea-based missiles. In 1959, the combat guided missile system e with a missile 8K63 was put into service. These combat units were transformed into Strategic Rocket Forces.


In 1974 8K84 was removed from operational status. It was replaced by new generation missiles with enhanced tactical and technical characteristics and combat capabilities, 8K84M, 8K84UTTH, 15A20, 15A20U, aggregate-dash units for 15A30 etc among them.


The plant manufactured anti-ship sea-based missiles "Basalt", "Vulcan", "Granit", "Yakhont" for the Navy. Missiles "Granit" became a powerful weapon of the Russian Navy. Today, they equip nuclear cruiser "Peter the Great", the aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" and other surface ships and submarines.


In 1961, the plant was awarded the Order of Red Banner of Labor for successful fulfillment of Government assignments. In 1965-1972  a number of modern sophisticated products were mastered. The orders of the chief designer G.N. Babakin for automatic stations blocks production, oriented to explore the Moon, Mars and Venus.


On January,18, 1971, according to the decree of the Supreme Soviet Presidium, the factory was awarded the highest state award - the Order of Lenin. In the 70-ies the plant participated in the program "Energy-Buran". On December, 26, 1984, the plant was awarded the Order of the October Revolution.


On April, 07, 1986  Orenburg machine-building plant was transformed into "Production Association "Strela ", consisting of five specialized production. In 1987-1990,  PA "Strela" has engaged in the production of equipment for agriculture and process industries.


"The program of enterprise development in a market economy" enabled the association to survive during the difficult years of social and political transformations in Russia. By orders of foreign firms the plant has produced fighter aircraft retro-copies YAK-3M, YAK-9B, Yak-7 since WWII.


Few samples of Japanese fighter planes "Zero" were made. By orders of the joint Russian-American Company "Yakovlev Aircraft" the union produced aircraft "Medvezhonok".


Since 1999 PO "Strela" has taken part in military-technical cooperation for the supersonic cruise missiles production. These operations are carried out within a joint Russian-Indian company "BrahMos", founded by Russian Scientific and Production Machine-Building Association and the Indian government organization for Defence Research and Development (DRDO).


In the second half of the 1990-ies PA "Strela" in cooperation with JSC "Kamov" (Moscow) began the development of multifunctional civilian helicopters production KA-226. A special feature of the helicopter is its modular layout, providing a rapid improvement of multi-purpose tasks solutions.

In 1999 the production association "Strela" transformed into a Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Production Association "Strela ".


In 2006, in accordance with the RF Government order № 1124-P of August, 26, 2004 Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Production Association "Strela" was transformed into joint stock company "Production Association "Strela".


In accordance with Presidential Decree № 1161 of September, 13, 2004 "On Joint Stock Company "Military-Industrial Corporation "Scientific Production Machine-Building Association"  in 2007, JSC "PA "Strela" joined the Military Industrial Corporation "Machine- Building Scientific-production Association".


Today JSC "PA "Strela" is a unique multi-industrial complex, the formation of which is inextricably connected with the history of domestic aviation and rocket and space technology.


JSC "PA "Strela" completes orders of JSC "RSK "MiG". For multipurpose tactical fighter MiG-29 the union produces complex high-tech suspended fuselage tank components, intake grids.


By contracts with the Corporation "Irkut" complex titanium parts - the center-wing belts are manufactured for aircraft SU-30 MKI -for two-seat military training aircraft YAK-130 - pylons and external fuel tanks.


By orders of Federal State UnitaryEenterprise "GKNPTs n.a. Khrunichev" the association supplies parts and blocks for the carrier rocket" Proton", for Scientific-production Association n.a. S.A. Lavochkin"- the parts and blocks of  payload fairing and the upper stage on the planetary research devices, for "Phobos-Grunt" in particular.


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